Review for Relieveit Gel

As a busy physician, I don’t pay attention to my own joint and muscle issues like I should. As an ex-marathoner, I have my share of them. I was usually able to get by, until last year when I tore my medial meniscus. I tried all the therapies my orthopedic specialist suggested, but after 6 months had still not fully recovered. I was still in pain and limited in my activities. Then a friend told me about RelieveIt gel. I started using it daily, applying before and after my physical therapy. My knee pain improved dramatically in one week! I am now increasing my activity essentially pain free. I also use RelieveIt for more acute issues; it worked great on my low back pain after a recent move. I am on a path to full recovery — with a totally natural remedy. I now recommend it to my patients, family and friends.

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