RelieveIt Footspray Refills


2 Refill bottles


The RelieveIt Footspray is a magical must-have accessory item that should be in the bag of every woman! It is no longer necessary to live with stiletto pain and soreness caused either from wearing beautiful but killer high-heel shoes or from standing for long hours.
This wonderful, fast acting, product revives your feet, relieves the pain, refreshes tired and achy feet.

Our plant-based proprietary blend – with essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree and lemon grass – is combined with Arnica, Caribbean pine resin – a new anti-inflammatory discovery used in Trinidad for over 100 years, Harpagophytum – a natural anti-inflammatory known as “Devil’s Claw”, discovered in South Africa in the 18th century, and used commonly across Africa and Europe. This powerful combination is the perfect solution to the problem of the tired, aching feet.

Our product absorbs quickly and moisturizes with a light pleasant aroma. The RelieveIt Footspray refreshes the skin without leaving a stain on fabrics. The package comes with 2 refill tubes that makes reapplication simple, cost-effective and ecologically friendly.

– Spray balls of feet, arches, heels and toes before starting your day or activity
– Spray each foot 6 – 8 times
– Apply generously when wearing stockings; 8+ sprays per foot
– Let dry completely
– Apply again as needed for extended relief
Contents: This product contains two glass refill bottles (0.5 oz + 0.5 oz). Each bottle produces 250 sprays.

Why continue to suffer when you can get relief? Don’t wait, RelieveIt today!


ProductRelieveIt Footspray Refills
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