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Review for Relieveit Gel

My 2020 Fall Marathon was cancelled but I decided to continue to train and run the 26.2 on the day it was scheduled. I didn’t train to the level I normally would have for a live event so on “race day” had concerns about my legs holding up for the trek. RelieveIt came through and got me through. I applied the RelieveIt gel pre-run al over my legs. It was amazing how minimal my leg fatigue and soreness was throughout the run and after. I applied another round the next day and RelieveIt cut my recovery time in half. This was my 10th 26.2 and I can’t imagine completing another one without RelieveIt in the game plan!! Thank you!

Review for Relieveit Gel

I burn myself a lot cooking. I use Relieveit to stop the swelling and the burning
Good product to have in your medicine cabinet.
I also use it before work for arm pain from using the computer

Review for Relieveit Gel

I was advised to try relieveit gel for my back and joint pain. After using it I noticed the normal pain I would have after biking or working out was no more. I would recommend relieveit to anyone. Great Product and Great for pain relief.

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