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Summary for Relieveit Gel
Average Score: 4.97 (31 ratings)
Review for Relieveit Gel

I am so impressed that this product does exactly what it says! I have a nagging calf strain and applied RelieveIt. I experienced immediate relief, and not only slept thru the night without pain, but I was still pain free the next morning. It also doesn’t have an offensive odor like many of the other pain relief creams. Love, love, love this stuff!

Review for Relieveit Gel

I have been struggling with a golf elbow for last 6 months. Fortunately I found the RelieveIt Gel and applied it and the next morning I was shocked to feel that the discomfort and tenderness on my elbow were so minimal, I was so ready to play golf again. Literally RelieveIt can relieve the pain and discomfort not just temporarily but continuously. Smell is pleasant not strong at all and it absorbs quickly.
Now RelieveIt is one of essential items in my sport bag. I can’t wait to try Footspray (Feet sore no more). I will leave a review after trying their footspray in a very cute container.
Believe it that RelieveIt can relieve the pain!!

Review for Relieveit Gel

So happy to have been introduced to Relieveit Gel! I’ve had increasing heel pain due to Plantar Fasciitis. I am not a big fan of taking OTC pain relievers and recently been trying CBD lotions. This Relieveit Gel worked way better the any of the CBD’s I’ve tried. Now, I’m routinely back out for my workouts without the pain!!

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