RelieveIt SprainGo Gel


Fast Acting Gel that reduces Swelling and Relieves Pain


The RelieveIt SprainGo Gel is a breakthrough remedy used in the Caribbean for over 100 years to treat acute injuries. When applied to the pain point of acute injuries resulting from hard knocks, blows, or falls, the RelieveIt SprainGo delivers significant reduction in pain within minutes. When the RelieveIt SprainGo is used to treat acute sprains or strains, most sufferers experienced significant reduction in swelling and pain within 24 hours.

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Natural ingredients such as Arnica montana (known for diminishing bruises and inflammation reduction), Juniper berry (for its stimulating effects), wintergreen (known in herbal medicine as a tonic, stimulant and astringent), and eucalyptus (reduces inflammation), were blended together with other high quality ingredients to create this incredibly effective, breakthrough, healing gel.

Why continue to suffer when you can get relief? Don’t wait, RelieveIt today!


Which ailments the Gel will help?

The RelieveIt SprainGo Gel was formulated to treat all acute sprains and strains (ankle, back, knee, wrist, shoulder, neck, elbow, wrist, etc).

When to use it?

To reduce swelling that results from acute sprains and strains
For the reduction of discoloration from bruising
As a rejuvenation agent after strenuous activities
For temporarily relief of pain caused by muscle injuries, aches, stiffness and soreness
Where and how to use it?

Use only as directed. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Do not apply to open wounds, or to damaged or very sensitive skin. Do not use if you are allergic to Arnica Montana, or to any of this product’s inactive ingredients. Do not apply bandage too tightly, or use heating pads. Do not resume normal activity without the advice of a medical professional.

Contents: 1 tube of SprainGo Gel net weight 60g (2.11oz) and 3in x 8ft (7.5cm*2.5m) self-adhesive


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Summary for Relieveit Gel
Average Score: 4.67 (3 ratings)
Review for Relieveit Gel

I had been suffering chronic tennis elbow pain for a couple of months, when my tennis coach introduced me to RelieveIt Gel. And I am so grateful to her for doing so because RelieveIt Gel was exactly what I needed – a homeopathic, natural and chemicals-free pain relief. I’ve applied it to my elbow a couple of times daily for the last 5 days, and I do feel great pain relief. The tissue inflamation is gone too! I love the RelieveIt Gel now, and I am not going back to any big pharma chemical products. Trust this Mother Nature gel, appreciate the person, who introduced you to it, and support its manufacturer, once you believe in the efficacy of RelieveIt Gel.

Review for Relieveit Gel

I\’ve been using RelieveIt for the last 8 months for my lower back pain.. It has been my go to for my lower back pain… It\’s a must have!!!

Review for Relieveit Gel

Besides the tubing being small, overall an awesome pain relief. There’s no lasting smell. No sensation like some products but rather simple relief. I use relieve it on my lower back pain due to surgery on a disk removal, and it definitely helps. Only concern is I wish it last longer upon applying.

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